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African capital cities have long been neglected by the world of mapmakers – something that I think is crazy and am working hard towards changing! The Map – Kigali is the first in what I hope will be a series of maps of African capital cities aimed at foreign residents, tourists, and even lifelong locals.

The Map – Kigali:

  • Is professional, user-friendly, fun, and super useful. It’s the map I wish I had when I arrived as confused a  traveller six years ago.
  • Shows you a whole new side of Kigali, including necessary tips to give you the confidence to get out and explore the city.
  • Highlights local businesses in the hopes that visitors will venture beyond the usual expat and tourist hangouts.
  • Shares my passion for Kigali and is a souvenir awesome enough for a place on your wall.

Continue reading to learn about all of The Map’s awesome features. The Map – Kigali is available all around town for Rwf 10,000 and you can see where to but it if you scroll down to the bottom of this page.

I’m 100% confident you’ll love this map! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments at and also make sure to check out the sister website Living in Kigali for more great information on this wonderful city.

Buy The Map – Kigali on Amazon UK

amazon-button-3If you live in Europe you can also order The Map – Kigali online from Amazon UK! It’s slightly cheaper if you buy before you arrive, plus it gives you the added bonus of being able to study up on the city before you get here. Pick up a copy now on Amazon UK!

Features of The Map - Kigali

Map Updates


Things are changing quick here in Kigali and you'll find that some things on The Map are no longer accurate. I've created a page of this site specifically to list updates so head over there to keep on top of any changes in Kigali since the map was printed.

Buy a Flat Map

Flat Map

If you want one (or two!) of these super sexy maps to hang up on your wall, you're better off buying the flat, crease-free version. You can find these exclusively on sale for Rwf 10,000 each at the Azizi Life Boutique store in the Heaven Restaurant compound. They're kept behind the counter so make sure to tell them what you're looking for and they'll get one for you and your wall will look glorious!

Be a Map Wholesaler

Sell The Map - Kigali

Do you own a business in Kigali that caters to tourists or other visitors? I sell maps in bulk at a wholesale price with the opportunity for a generous markup. This allows you to offer your customers a great product while earning a nice commission per sale. Win win! Download this PDF with all of the details and call 0785 662 759 or email to place your order today. I deliver!

Where to Buy the Map in Kigali

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